Originally developed by the Metters Company, and later by MBP, the Metters MBP Type "M" is now manufactured by W.D. Moore & Co. and is available in 5 sizes.

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Model M Windmill 32k

Spare parts for Yellowtail Windmill


Part No. Name 6M 8M 10M  12M  14M   
01 Main Casting (Less Bearing) 6M01 8M01 10M01 12M01 14M01
02 Male Gearwheel (Front) 6M02 8M02 10M02 12M02 14M02
03 Female Gear Wheel (Back) 6M03 8M03 10M03 12M03 -
04 Twin Pinion 6M04 8M04 10M04 12M04 14M04
05 Pitman 6M05 8M05 10M05 10M05 14M05
06 Bearing Clip 6M06 8M06 10M06 10M06 14M06
07 Guide Loop w/-Cover Bolt 6M07 8M07 10M07 10M07 14M07
08 Hub w/-Shaft 6M08 8M08 10M08 12M08 -
08A Hub Spindle Only 6M08A 8M08A 10M08A 12M08A -
08AB Hub Shaft Fitted 6M08AB 8M08AB 10M08AB 12M08AB 14M08AB
08B   Hub Only 6M08B 8M08B 10M08B 12M08B -
08C   Hub Key 6M08C 8M08C 10M08C 10M08C -
09   Stub Tower - 3 Post 6M09 8M09 10M09 10M09 14M09A
10   Tail Pin Washer - Top 6M10 8M10 10M10 12M10 14M10
11   Tail Pin Washer - Bottom 6M11 8M11 10M11 12M11 -
12A   Set of Bearings 6M12A 8M12A 10M12A 12M12A 14M12A  
12   Hub Shaft Bearing - Long 6M12 8M12 10M12 12M12 14M12  
13   Hub Shaft Bearing - Short 6M13 8M13 10M13 12M13 14M13  
14 Gearwheel Bearing - Bottom 6M14 8M14 10M14 10M14 14M14
15 Gearwheel Bearing - Top 6M15 8M15 10M15 10M15 -
16   Cast Iron Furl Lever 6M16 8M16 10M16 10M16 14M16  
17   Oil Sleeve 6M17 8M17 10M17 12M17 14M17  
18   Friction Washer 6M18 8M18 10M18 10M18 -
19   Pinion Pins (set of 2) 6M19 8M19 10M19 10M19 14M19  
20   Guide Loop Pins (set of 2) 6M20 8M20 10M20 10M20 14M20
21 Set of Tail Bolts & Nuts 6M21 8M21 10M21 12M21 14M21
22    Tail Hanger 6M22 8M22 10M22 10M22 14M22  
23   Tail Pin 6M23 8M23 10M23 12M23 14M23  
24   Lock Washer for Stub 6M24 8M24 10M24 10M24 14M24  
25   Crosshead w/-Rings & Clips 6M25 8M25 10M25 10M25 14M25  
26   Crosshead Roller 6M26 8M26 10M26 10M26 14M26  
27   Crosshead Spindle 6M27 8M27 10M27 10M27 14M27  
28   Spindle for Furl Lever 6M28 8M28 10M28 10M28 14M28  
29   Furl Link 6M29 8M29 10M29 10M29 14M29  
30   Furling Unit - 3 Post 6M30 8M30 10M30 10M30 14M30  
30A   Furling Unit - 4 Post 6M30A 8M30A 10M30A 10M30A 14M30A  
31   Tailbone 6M31 8M31 10M31 12M31 14M31  
32   Pumprod screwed with Collar - old style 6M32 8M32 10M32 10M32 -
3264   Pumprod w/ Fork 6M32/64 8M32/64 10M32/64 10M32 14M32  
33   Tail Strap - Short 6M33 8M33 10M33 12M33 14M33  
34   Tail Strap - Long 6M34 8M34 10M34 12M34 14M34  
35 Wing Nut 6M35 8M35 10M35 10M35 14M35  
36   Galvanised Head Cover 6M36 8M36 10M36 10M36 14M36  
36A Gearwheel Spindle - - - - 14M36A  
37   Anti-Swivel Guide - 3 Post 6M37 6M37 6M37 6M37 -
37A   Anti-Swivel Guide - 4 Post 6M37A 6M37A 6M37A 6M37A -
38 Anti-Swivel Bar 6M38 6M38 6M38 6M38 -
39   Anti-Swivel Casting 6M39 6M39 10M39 10M39 -
39A   Anti-Swivel Washer 6M39A 6M39A 10M39A 10M39A -
40   Top Tail Vane 6M40 8M40 10M40 12M40 14M40  
41   Bottom Tail Vane 6M41 8M41 10M41 12M41 14M41  
42   Ballrace - KM Style 6M42 8M42 10M42 10M42 14M42  
43   Ballrace Cover - KM Style 6M43 8M43 10M43 10M43 14M43  
44   Inner Sail Clip 6M44 8M44 10M44 12M44 14M44  
44A   Sail w/- Inner Clip 6M44A 8M44A 10M44A 12M44A 14M44A  
45   Hub (2 halves) - Pair - - - - 14M45  
46   Hub Spindle - - - - 14M46  
47   Wheel Spokes 6M47 8M47 10M47 12M47 14M47  
48   Furl Handle w/- Hooks 6M48 6M48 10M48 10M48 14M48  
49   Erection U-Bolt - 8M49 10M49 10M49 -
50   Outer Sail Clip 6M50 8M50 10M50 12M50 14M50  
52 Safety Loop and Ladder - - 10M52 12M52 14M52  
55   3ft Wood Pump Rod 6M55 6M55 10M55 10M55 14M55  
56   Anti-Swivel Wood Block (3 Post) 6M56 6M56 10M56 10M56 14M56  
56A   Anti-Swivel Wood Block (4 Post) 6M56A 6M56A 10M56A 12M56A 14M56A  
57   Inner Ring Section 6M57 8M57 10M57 12M57 14M57  
58   Outer Ring Section 6M58 8M58 10M58 12M58 14M58  
60   Pump Rod Pin 6M60 8M60 10M60 10M60 14M60  
61   Windwheel Complete 6M61 8M61 10M61 12M61 14M61  
66   Platform 3 Post 6M66 8M66 10M66 12M66 14M66  
67   Platform 4 Post 6M67 8M67 10M67 12M67 14M67  
71   Anchor Post & Plates - 3 Post 6M71 6M71 10M71 12M71 14M71  
71A   Anchor Post & Plates - 4 Post 6M71A 6M71A 10M71A 12M71A 14M71A  
72   Windwheel Bolts & Nuts 6M72 8M72 10M72 12M72 14M72
74   Oil Cup - -   - 14M74
76 Furling Wire - 7 Mtr 6M76 6M76 10M76 10M76 14M76  
77   Erection Manual 6M77 6M77 6M77 6M77 6M77