Protect your asset

The Windmill is the hardest working piece of equipment on the farm. It pumps water for up to 10 hours a day, everyday of the year, and can last for decades. What machine lasts longer?

With a little care from those who know, your windmill could last longer than you will.

Use the qualified and experienced Contractor in your area to safeguard this wonderful asset. There is no other system that can give you the same guarantee of reliability.

It will give you satisfaction knowing that the job is done properly and that you can depend on the quality of the work done. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that someone else has taken on the responsibility of compliance with the many rules, regulations and laws, associated with working at heights on your windmill.

W.D.Moore & Co. is aligned with many of the Contractors in the field of Windmill and Solar water pumping. These operators have also joined together under the banner of the Australian Windmill Contractors Association (inc) - AWCA. This group forms the solid core of well-qualified and efficient contractors around Australia.

The Australian Windmill Contractors Association (AWCA)

A Self-employed, qualified Windmill Contractor can solve all your problems. Not only are they experienced at doing the job properly, they can handle your safety compliance requirements.

What are your responsibilities under the current O.H.& S legislation?

Do you sometimes wonder if the greatest danger you face on the farm is the risk you face from prosecution under the harshest O.H. & S. regulations in the country? This danger is real. If you employ on-farm labour, then you need to be aware of your responsibilities in relation to Occupation Health and Safety.

Will your insurance cover you if an accident happens?

A member of the Australian Windmill Contractors Association is qualified and competent to work on your windmill. He is also trained at working at heights, and is equipped with the right gear to ensure the job is done safely. As an independent business your AWCA Member will shoulder all these legal responsibilities.

Why use a Contractor?

Professional people will be better at doing a job than those who only occasionally tackle the same task. This is obvious. Experience has shown that if there is a wrong way to do the job, someone inexperienced will find it. The results could be disastrous. At best the windmill will be troublesome, at worst it will be outright dangerous.

An experienced eye will also see why the system is not working properly, and know how to make it work better.

What to look for in a Contractor

Membership of the Australian Windmill Contractors Association (Inc), indicates that the contractor is concerned about his business, and about those for whom he works. Such consideration means that the contractor has taken the right steps towards understanding the importance and significance of complying with the relevant legislation. That Contractor has undertaken training in working at heights, and is equipped with the right safety equipment.

A member of the AWCA likely has insurance cover to protect both his business and that of the property owner. This is a true safeguard against things that could go wrong.

The contractor that has taken the time to be involved in his trade association is also learning how to make his business better. This is a benefit to you. He well understands the options that you have for pumping water and is a foremost authority on all these options. The members of the AWCA are in contact with all the manufacturers of all the different systems and can be a practical source of advice on all systems. An AWCA member