W.D.Moore & Co.are able to service a vast range of  windmill and pumping systems.

As the manufacturer of the Yellowtail windmills, the company has been involved in the windmill business for over 100 years. This has involved the company in 7 different models of Windmill, and 5 different sizes - 35 different windmills.

The W.D.Moore & Co. philosophy is to save the customer money, and to avoid wasting what could still remain a valuable asset.

However, it is not always the best option to repair an old windmill. Sometimes it is better to recognise the wonderful service the old machine has given and then let it retire, gracefully. Sometimes it is better to replace a machine that is just too old.

The ecomonic sense is that the parts are no longer cost effective to make and the benefit of replacing the old machine is that money will be saved over the next two to three years by replacing the windmill with a new one.

It is wise, however, to check before making this decision. We welcome your inquiry and assure you that we will offer advice on the best action for you to take.