Poly Rod Pipe Clamp Poly-Rod Clamp

The secure way to clamp the Poly-Rod Column is to use either the Poly-Rod Clamp or the Bore Casing Clamp, or both. The more secure the Poly-Rod Column is clamped the better the system is. It is very important to use both the Poly-Rod Clamp and the Bore Casing Clamp if a Differential Compensator is being used. However the clamps provide peace of mind and convenience in both operation and maintenance.


The Poly-Rod Clamp is used with the windmill tower and is attached to (usually) timber Cross Guides (see Wood-Rod Guides). The purpose of the Clamps is to keep the Poly-Column central and straight inside the tower. A feature of the Poly-Rod Clamp is that it has barbs that grip the Poly-Column and the two parts of the Clamp are sized so that they will not crush the Column. The poly-Rod Clamp is available in two sizes – 1½” and 2”.

Bore Casing Clamp

Bore Casing ClampThe Bore Casing Clamp is the traditional clamp used for Steel Column. Actually the same clamp can be used if converting from Steel to the Poly-Rod System. Today the Bore Casing Clamp has been modified to include the same barb arrangement that is a feature of the Poly-Rod Clamp. As the name suggests the Bore Casing Clamp also holds onto the bore casing. The construction of the clamp ensures that the Column is held central in the bore, and by connecting the Column to the bore casing the Column is held secure and will not rise and fall with each stroke of the Windmill.


The Bore Casing Clamp is available in sizes to suit most Steel and PVC bore casing.


Code Casing Size Pipe Size
BC10040 4” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC10050 4” 2”
BC11240 4½” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC11250 4½” 2”
BC12540 5” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC12550 5” 2”
BC14040 5½” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC14050 5½” 2”
BC15040 6 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC15050 6” 2”
BC16540 6½” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC16550 6½” 2”
BC20040 8” 1¼”, 1 ½”
BC20050 8” 2”
BC21250 8½” 2”


Galvanised Pipe Clamp


Galv. Pipe ClampThe simplest of all clamps, this is used as both a low cost option to holding the rising column from slipping down the bore, and as a tool for lifting and lowering the column.



  • Galvanised for long life.
  • Steel Construction for Strength.
  • Large size (5/8”) Bolts and Nuts for easy removal.
  • Wide enough to span the bore casing, safely.
  • Low cost
  • Available in 1.1/4”, 1.1/2”, & 2”

The Galvanised Pipe Clamp is small enough to be used a lifting tool when raising and lowering the column, and it provides the required certainty that the column cannot be dropped down the bore if a sling should break or work loose. The Pipe Clamp is connected to the rising column below a socket (to provide even more security), and the sling used for lifting is attached below the Clamp. If the Column should fall it cannot disappear down the casing.

Hook Bolts

Hook BoltHook Bolts are used inside the windmill tower to secure a timber cross guide between two girts in the tower. Made from zinc plated steel they come complete with a nut and washer.


Part No



3/8” x 4” Hook Bolt


3/8” x 5” Hook Bolt


3/8” x 5½” Hook Bolt


½” x 4” Hook Bolt



U BoltU-Bolts are used to secure the rising column to the timber cross guide. They are made from zinc plated steel and come complete with a nut and washer.


Part No



3/8” x 1½” x 6” U Bolt


½” x 1½” x 6” U Bolt


½” x 1½” x 8” U Bolt


½” x 2” x 6” U Bolt


½” x 2” x 8” U Bolt